Event Information:

  • Sat

    Mike Davis and the LBE & Deveroe

    8:00 pm


    Mike Davis and the Laughing Buddha Episodes

    "The Laughing Buddha Episodes are the garden of my soul in music form." With Mike at the helm, his flowing cast of LBE Family includes: mainstay and African tribe Bobby Tousignant (ask him about the 60's), funk commander and jazz devil Tom Westcott, the keytar stylings of the Reverend Mike Melnyk, John "Is That a bass in yo pocket?" Jones, David Burch (pianist from Marky Mark and the funky bunch), Mark "Don't call me Funky Bitch" Sherwood, and an infinite smorgasbord of the yet-manifested.





    “A group of musicians with unique styles who play their own brand of roots rock and Americana music".
    Deveroe performs both acoustic and electric music depending on the venue. Along with their latest release ‘shine , a live studio recording; they're also promoting their album "One".