Event Information:

  • Sat

    The Spelunkers & KidBess Duo

    9:00 pm

    The Spelunkers

    In Owego, NY during the summer of 2004 a band was born. This band weaves a groovy, spacey sound with thoughtful lyrics and poignant musicianship. In this sound you will hear the drum stylings of singer/song writer Tom Sheehy paired with the hand drumming of Tony Montana. The bass slappings of Ryan Marchewka and the guitar weildings of Jim Gale. Completed with keyboard/guitar/singer/songwriter Tom Sickler. Last but not least the group is visually enchanced by Photographer/Graphic Designer Seth Guiles. Together they prefer to be called The Spelunkers.

    he band brings an energy and crowd involvment not commonly found in a live music environment. Drum jams easily spread from the stage to the floor as the band slowly hands out percussive instruments to participating and interested members of the audience. The groove becomes one of the room as a whole. There is never a dull moment at a show. From themed costumes to special guests, every night and every event is one to be remembered with The Spelunkers.


    KidBess Duo

    KidBess is a musician and visual artist based in upstate New York. With rich, warm vocals and open hearted lyrics, she performs on upright bass and a vintage hollow body electric guitar. Her songs build in passionate swells, and her conviction is a reminder that our greatest strength can be found in vulnerability. Previously of The Falconers and Milkweed, KidBess (Bess Greenberg) debuted as a solo performer in the summer of 2016 and currently performs as a solo artist and with a full band as KidBess & The Magic Ring.