Event Information:

  • Thu

    Humble Beginnings Band

    8:00 pm

    The Humble Beginnings Band is the product of 3 like minded musicians putting their own spin on music that they know and love. Mark Ciacelli, Jack McKissick and Pete Weston bring out music you know and tweak it, just a little so it becomes their own. The Humble Beginnings Band was formed when the three of us found ourselves collaborating and enjoying the sounds we made. Our sound is a mixture of styles, we like to call it "hoopjack". We take elements of classic rock, the blues, new alt-country and Americana and bend it slightly, making it our own without losing the charm of the original sound. Two guitars and a bass, three part harmony, special songs for special people. Everything we do is done with a smile and a laugh...and always with our own flair!